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We are an online radio station, run by kids, that broadcasts in English. We are situated in South Africa. We give the updated news, sport and weather every half hour. Our DJs love their work and love bringing the No. 1 Hits to you. So no matter where you are or what device you are on tune in from anywhere around the world!

The station was started by Alexander White in 2013. He was followed by one of his friends, Nicholas Wessels. The popularity for the radio station grew when Nicholas Ford and André Toerien (also friends) joined in 2014. Special guests (Guess what? Also friends!), Liam Lawrie, Joel Hunt and Grant Joubert have been featured on the station.

Just a little bit about us:

Promote your music on our station! We are looking for up and coming artists and bands to be featured on the station. We'll talk about you, read out your bio and interview you. All we ask is that you, in kind, promote our station through your own website, Facebook, Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn. Give us a listen for a little while and if you feel that our genre matches yours, please email us at to get started!

Bands and Artists!